GDC Coin will be listed on all major exchanges by 1st Sept 2020.


At GDC coins, it is our endeavour to facilitate people in transitioning to a digital economy and in overcoming geographical barriers by leveraging a universally accepted mode of payment or exchange through cryptocurrency. The biggest draw of using cryptocurrency is its fool-proof security, which is based on the blockchain system, thus rendering it next to impossible to hack.

Above all, transfers using cryptocurrency are subject to negligible processing fee, which helps to cut down on the exorbitant fee otherwise charged by banks or other financial institutions on money transfers.

Our Team

We have over 16 years of experience in forex trading besides having an in-depth expertise in crypto currency trading for the last 5 years. Our team is bound by the common goal of providing users a safe, secure, seamless and cost effective way to mine or exchange digital crypto currency.

Our Vision

It is our endeavour to be at the forefront of change and serve as a vital catalyst in transitioning to a cashless economy worldwide through our fully secure and foolproof platform for buying, selling or exchange of crypto currency.

There are a total of

7 million
premined coins available
at GDC coins that can be
traded at all major exchanges worldwide.

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Open exchangers

These are registered members who can become open exchangers for trading GDC coins

Registered exchangers

These are registered exchangers who have purchased an API

GDC exchange

GDC exchange is our online crypto currency exchange platform, where people can buy or sell crypto currency in a simple and seamless manner.

Our Services

Financial service provider

GDC coins can be used as a financial service. Just like VISA or MASTERCARD, GDC is a platform that enables you to do all kinds of financial transactions. You can buy, sell, store and accept GDC coins by sending or receiving them via email, irrespective of whether the other party has a GDC wallet or not.

You can store multiple wallet addresses for ease of transaction in the future. After your details have been verified by our team, you will have your very own wallet address that we will send across to you. This address will be unique to you and will be 100% secure.

Forex trading service

GDC coins can be traded and exchanged with foreign currency. There are various benefits of trading GDC coins; some of which are as follows:

  • High leverage - GDC Coins offers its traders a 20:1 ratio leverage
  • Globally acceptable - Traders from across the globe can trade with anyone across the globe!
  • No intermediaries - ince there are no intermediaries like banks or financial institutions in the trading process, the profit potential is huge.

Crypto currency trading

This coin can be traded on various registered platforms like Bittrade, Kraken, Polonix etc.

Virtual currency trading

This can be exchanged or used for Netller, Perfect Monney, Skrill, EgoPay.

  • Financial service provider
  • Forex trading service
  • Crypto currency trading
  • Virtual currency trading


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Invest in the coin that will be the currency of the future economy.
GDC coin are pre-mined coins. Hence, its value will grow as the demand will increase.
There is no option to mine or produce more GDC coins.
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